Our Mission

We truly want to empower large and small businesses alike at Grade A Hosting. We offer our clients a plethora of administrative options that allow them to manage their own sites without any programming or web mark-up knowledge. Many Internet companies make their customers feel like they are at their mercy, while we try to educate our clients so they can get the most out of their web presence.


Grade A Hosting was created because we wanted to mix high quality and affordability in the web hosting space. Many of our competitors focus on price while leaving out essential tools for the client, while other clients rant about the services they provide while taking their customers to the cleaners when it comes to price.

We provide a wide variety of services and convenience to our clients.

  • Large Amounts of Hard Disk Space for Each Package
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Advanced Administrative Features
  • Visual Analysis of Log Files
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Web Development & Design
  • Database Integration
  • Back-Up Service
  • And Much More...

Additionally we only use top quality manufacturers when we build our web servers. You can be assured that your site will be sitting on a server that has an ample amount of processor speed and more than enough RAM to ensure all of your web applications run smoothly and effortlessly.

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